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Dear friends

Vesela Ogneva (Vesi) lives with the diagnosis multiple sclerosis - an insidious disease, that confined her to a wheelchair.
With this campaign we raise the amount of 12,500 EUR for treatment in a specialized clinic in India.
The amount exceeding 12 500 EUR will be used for drugs that Vesi has to take at least a year after her treatment in India.

This appeal goes to those who are able and willing to help.

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Vesela Encheva Ogneva Vesela Encheva Ogneva

Dear friends

On December 15, 2014 from 18 to 20 h in front "Philip Koutev" hall, St. "Ivan Vazov" 2 (next to the National Theatre), floor 4, there will be an initiative "Charity stands". There will be a booth where you can buy souvenirs and so help to raise funds for the treatment of Vesi who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Thank you in advance!

From Vesi

Dear people, and shared close to nothing about my treatment in India. I received many personal messages that ask me how I feel. I apologize now for responding with a vaguely "good" or something of that sort. I do not know why, but ever since I got quite scatterbrained. I feel secluded and trying to concentrate on the things I need to do to improve my condition.

I am better. I can say that I move my feet a little better, especially the ankle, which has long not had happened and is priceless. Priceless are days when I can move with support only by one side, and the moments when I manage to wag my legs in the air. These things do not happen every day, but they happen and this is what's important. For the 4 months in India I noticed that improvements come slowly and with time remain longer. Ayurveda works slowly. With emotionally people like myself, things take even more time because is more difficult for me to keep calm. But I ma trying.

Currently my doctor is aware of the campaign to rise money and gave me free drugs that will last me 10 months. Then I have to return return to the clinic for another 3 months. The entire course of treatment is 3 years. Depending on my condition my doctor will determine how long I need to stay in the clinic during those three years.

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The disease does not define who I am

Charity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Donations to Red CrossCharity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Green T-shirts
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