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There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Treatments attempt to improve function after an attack and prevent new attacks. Medications used to treat MS while modestly effective can have adverse effects and be poorly tolerated. Many people pursue alternative treatments, despite a lack of evidence. The long-term outcome is difficult to predict, with good outcomes more often seen in women; those who develop the disease early in life; those with a relapsing course; and those who initially experienced few attacks. Life expectancy is 5 to 10 years lower than that of an unaffected population.

The good news is that for the moment Vesi is managing to maintain her condition. After the traditional (Western) medicine fail to help and her state worsened, she turned to alternative medicines. The improvement for one year of exercise, physiotherapy and going to the mountain was impressive - she grew much stronger. We want to help and support her to the next step - we want for her to walk again. We chose the ayurveda clinic of Dr. Prashant because there are numerous reviews for serious improvement in MS patients, and because Vesi met with him and he gained her trust and respect.

The incredible story of eng. Toshko Todorov

I had Multiple Sclerosis, and I am cured now
The incredible story of eng. Toshko Todorov



Healing as a mantra

Healing as a mantra


Dr. Prashant

Dr. Prashant


The disease does not define who I am

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