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No, I can’t tell if the pain
That I felt was real
Or it was only my brain
That its needs concealed

And maybe it’s true
It’s not you who I miss.
And I need a cure
But I want just a kiss.

A kiss isn’t a cure- it’s a placebo,
they’d say
This trouble’s a lesson,
they’d say
It’s almost a blessing,
they’d say
Walking through reasonless fields
is the only one way…

But one thing I’m sure.
It’s a perfidious disease.
And I need a cure
Or maybe only a kiss.

The doctor said “take those pills”.
The psychiatrist “Cope with your fears”
“You should pray” said the priest.
And the monk-“you have to find inner peace”.

But my mind still isn’t pure
After they gave me the long remedy list
So what’s the point of finding a cure
While I want only a kiss?

And nothing more than this.

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The disease does not define who I am

Charity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Boyan Pishtikov (the photographer)
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