Lets help her to walk again

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An Owl came every night
And whispered me a lullaby-
The one that made me smile and cry
Until my flesh got almost dry.

A song about a dead man in my bed
Or maybe he was only in my head
Or maybe wasn’t really dead…
I cannot say this, I’m afraid.

He sat beside me for a while
Until the Owl kissed me goodnight
And left me all alone to cry
And cry and smile and cry.

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The disease does not define who I am

Charity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Venceslav Atanasov, Vesela Ogneva, Hristo Ivanov and Olif MolifVesi is all smiles, it's so easy to be around her. She gives more than she receives from us. Let's help her walk again!Youth Center, Vratza, Jordan Serafimov and Vesela Ogneva
raised 2,060 EUR  
goal 12,000 EUR  

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