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Vesi's story first-hand

MS - The real story, madafaka

I am writing this story from my heart, not sure how will it come out.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) turned out to be very deceitful disease.

In 2005 I was student applicant. I started feeling numbness in my hands. The doctors said is due to a neurosis. Then as a student in the University I got blurred vision in my right eye. It got better so I didn't give a second thought to what the cause was. I attributed it to the same neuroses.

Now is the time to say how important education is to me - the big dream - veterinary medicine. Once at the end of sophomore year I tried to jog, and I wasn't able to. I went to a neurologist and then I was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The doctors said not to worry. People diagnosed with MS live sufficient life for many years, so I continued to live as usual with the difference that every other day I injected myself with Betaferon. Betaferon is supposed to stop the disease. Nobody promised a cure, but it was supposed to control it at least at the stage that it was discovered. I injected myself with Betaferon for two and half years. My body was blue all over, there is a protein component that causes blue marks so I had to change the point of injection every time. For this period of time the distances I could walk got shorter, I grew increasingly weaker, until I couldn't get to the bus station to go to University.

In the fourth year I dropped out. I couldn't get around the University anymore*. My dream to become Veterinary doctor died.

Started looking for alternative methods of healing. Herbs, massage, yoga - anything.

In 2010 I met somebody that recovered from a serious case of MS. He told me a lot about cleaning the body and the connection between nutrition and health. I managed to stop the progression of the disease by omitting the consumption or use of animal products in my diet.

I was in remission for some time. Then one day I couldn't stand up by myself anymore. I plunged into the worst state - the depression. Everything in me was lifeless. I lost the spark of life that wakes you up in the morning. I couldn't feel love or joy. Nothing and no one could reach me anymore.

At one point I just had to do something to get out of this vicious circle.

I was told that my condition will improve if I go to the mountain. But how? How could i possibly go up the mountain in a wheelchair? I thought of a friend of mine Rumyana Pisancheva (Rumi) who loved to go in the mountains. I wrote her the most brazen question - would you take me with you in the mountains? Georgi Nikolov (Djogo) managed to find a specialized for mountain terrain wheelchair that we call "the shuttle". A whole support crew of friends joined to push and pull me and we went to Sinanitza hut in Pirin Mountains. These people are now some of my closest friends.

We went together to Tuzha hut in the Balkan Mountains, and Grunchar hut in Rila Mountains.

Now everything is different. I can even get up on my feet. the only thing I want is to be able to walk again.

There is no known cure for MS. There are only "stop and delay" drugs like Betaferon, that put me in the wheelchair**. This is the reason I opened my mind beyond traditional medicine.

I read a lot about alternative methods of treatment based on cleansing the body of toxins and complete alteration of diet and lifestyle in general.

I learned recently about a ayurveda clinic in India that specializes in Multiple Sclerosis treatment. They are offering external assistance and knowledge, which I definitely need, but most importantly, promote ways to fight the disease when you are on your own. This will help me continue taking care of myself after the 4 months of hospitalization.

In a movie a man was considering stealing a trophey. Then he realized that he didn't long to own it, he wanted to WIN it. I feel the same.

*Vesela lives in Bulgaria where handicap conditions are poor.

**The assertion that interferon beta in either form can slow the advance of disability in multiple sclerosis is still unproven. The claim seems to have been definitively debunked by a recent study which actually provides evidence that patients treated with interferon beta are substantially more likely to have advanced disability than non-treated patients. Source "Association between use of interferon beta and progression of disability in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis".

The disease does not define who I am

Charity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Vesi and friendsCharity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Vesi and friendsCharity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Jeremy MartinPirin mountains - going up to Sinanitza hut...
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