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Playing with the Devil’s son
We used to run
And laugh and have a lot of fun.
“Take this forbidden fruit –
He said-
And I’ll take you all around the world
And be your friend”
I took the fruit, he grabbed my hand
“There is no hell-he said-
Don’t be afraid of what’s down there
Hell’s where you’re only by yourself”.
“I’m not that bad, you see, I’m only cursed
To find no water for my thirst
Whatever fills my heart with lust
When I reach it turns to dust.
What seems for me to be most dear
Is never now and never here.”
“They say, you know
I’d find the saving path
If I only fill my heart with love
I’d be happy always here and now.
And whenever you’re around
I can feel this love inside me grows
So I’d never let you go…”

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The disease does not define who I am

Lake Grunchar in Rila mountainsRila mountains - operation GruncharCharity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Donations to Red CrossCharity exhibition "Happy Balkans" - Vratza, 4.12.2013, Olif Molif
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